Friday, 26 August 2011

Lumps :)

Is proud and very happy to say that at 21 and a half months old, Lewis has had his very 1st lumpy food!! He was helping me eat a muller rice! I just stuck to giving him bits with no rice in and he kept coming back for more, just opening enough to get teeny weeny wee bits, then I gave him about half a grain of rice n he ate it :) so then I gave him a bigger bit of rice n he ate that fine too, so then gave him a grain with teeny bit of the 'saucy' stuff but I kind of shoved a teeny bit more in and he started gagging and choking :( but after he recovered he came back for more but refused to open wide enough to let more than a teeny weeny wee bit in again :s but still he had a couple grains of rice = lumps woohoo :)

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

He ASKED for food :)

So today while I was in the kitchen making dinner, Lewis came in, went to his highchair n pushed it to the middle of the floor, then he goes to the fridge and points at it, so I opened it and he points to the little yoghurts, so I took 1 out and sat it on the worktop, then he points to the cutlery, so I sat a spoon next to the yoghurt so then he goes over to his highchair and stands beside it with his arms up for me to lift him! I put him in the chair, gave him the yoghurt and he started eating it!! With the spoon, but then discovered he could get more by using his fingers! He ate about quarter of the little pot then got bored and started making a mess with it, he managed to rub it in his hair too lol, Ricky was in the bath so inhad to just go plonk him in there with him lol so proud of Lewis, ok I know I said he 'asked' for food when he never used his voice but he asked in his own way, 1st time ever and he actually asked for food and he actually wanted it to eat and not play with or anything :)

Hospital visit 16th August

Lewis had his endoscopy and tube change yesterday, results of the endoscopy are that yes his fundo is too tight!! At last, a year since he had the fundo done and we thought something wasn't right not long after, finally have an answer!! Only thing is now his consultant wants him back in within 6 weeks to have a little operation so he can loosen it off a little, Only thing there is my section date for bumpyroo is 6 weeks tomorrow and this operation requires a couple nights stay! So not ideal being so heavy pregnant but we'll work something out! Ricky had to take him up for 7.30 yesterday morning as he was 1st on the list for the theatre, he went down just after 9am He started realising something was going on an was clinging to daddy :( daddy held him while he was put to sleep, I done it last time and never again, it's not nice x I had to stay home for lewis's new supplies coming cos of the hospital switching pump and feed suppliers, and for training on the new pump! His new tube is the 'mini button' much more discreet than the peg and means no more popper vests to keep it from dangling loose and getting caught on everything, just trying to get used to having to attach the feeding set on and off whenever we need to feed him and he's not keen on me fiddling round with it but hopefully he'll get used to it cos it's hard to attach the set when he's wriggling away and trying to kick or push me off! Quite paranoid of the button coming out as I've not had training to put it back in yet! Oh and the new feeding pump is fab, a little more modern and a little less 'manual' consultant wanted Lewis to stay in last night, but after a little bit of treated like we were stupid n being patronised I was determined he'd be coming home, he didn't have any surgery, was just 2 little procedures n we were told we couldn't take him out the ward, yeh you try containing a hyper 21 month old to a tiny room and cot, while I massively pregnant try n sleep in a tiny camp bed when it was totally unnecessary for him to stay! Consultant said it was cos he wanted a night feed on the pump observed as there had been some problems with the buttons, but told him I was willing to have him on the pump for just a few hours n then get up n down the rest of the night to bolus feed, he was happy with that n so that's what I did, still got more sleep than I would have in hospital and had my own bed!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hospital tomorrow

Not long after I wrote that post this morning I got a call from the hospital saying there had been a theatre cancellation in the morning and we can have it for Lewis! So he's to be at hospital for 7.30 in the morning and is in for a morning slot, he'll have a camera down his throat to look at everything on the way down and to check if his fundoplication is a bit tight, if it is they'll loosen it a little. Lewis will also be saying bye bye to the Peg Gtube while he's in theatre and saying hello to the more discreet mic-key button it he may get the mini button but I've told Ricky to ask if he can have the mini button as people keep saying it's a bit better, Ricky has to take him in the morning as I gave to wait home to take delivery of lewis's new feeding pump and new feeds (our dieticians has changed suppliers, so we need to get whole new kit of new suppliers things, pump, giving sets, feeds etc) not only do I have to wait for that but also some1 from the new suppliers coming to do the pump training with me, even though the dietician showed me the new pump we'd be getting and how to work it and it's pretty much the same way it works to the 1 we're used to, but nevermind, n we can't reschedule as it was a nightmare arranging the both as it was, in-between my hospital appointments, lewis's and nursery, so decided it better for Ricky to go with Lewis and that way u don't have to take Lewis into theatre and hold him while he goes under, I did it the last time and it was just horrible and so upsetting, reminding me so much of the last baby I held that was so still, our wee Nathan :( so then as soon as I've done all that I'll have to get Ricky to leave Lewis to come and get me, he's staying in for the night so hopefully I'll be allowed to stay with him.

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Day to remember :) 11th August 2011 he swallows :)

Lewis is getting on great at the nursery, he loves it, and most of the time when i pick him up they say 'he tasted something today' or last week he was helping make angel delight and she said he had his paws in it before they could it to the fridge lol that's my boy, anyway, it never goes beyond tasting. BUT on the 11th at home, he ATE half a wee yoghurt, he actually really ate it, swallowed it and everything, the pot was empty, he squeezed every last drop, so he ate and swallowed half of it and the other half was all over his face, his highchair and his hair lol, i have a video i'll have to put it on somewhere so i can put it on here but haven't time just now as need to go get ready to pick Lewis up from nursery. i was soooooo proud of him, we were really hoping this was him turning a corner but sad to say he hasn't done it again, just makes a mess with everything but not actually eating, still though we KNOW he can :)

He's such a proper little boy and his speech is just great, he's running around like mad and he's just nuts, to think we were told he'd never play football or run around with the other kids, pfffft try telling Lewis that :) hopefully once his wee sister is here he may pick up a thing or 2 about eating from her, talking of which i have my section date :) princess bumpyroo will be here on the 29th September, the day after my birthday, best birthday present ever, the gift of our 2nd sunshine miracle baby :) have to run now will update with that video and some pics soon.

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