Monday, 7 February 2011

we now have a physiotherapist

And about time too! I think it's quite ridiculous that he's been home from NICU for a year now and that's him just been referred to have physio come out! Anyway it went ok, she was really nice and really knew her job, she pointed out what we already knew, he is really weak around the diaphragm and tummy area due to hos surgeries, and also she asked if he had a lot of lines in his feet when in NICU (which he did) she said she could tell that he had as his feet are weak etc cos of how his feet are and the way they sit etc he's going to get fitted for special boots on 1st march n then we should pick them up a couple weeks later.
We've got some exercises to do with him which will help hime stretch his tight left leg and also his hips are a little splayed so the exercises should help bring those in a bit, we've to not encourage him on his feet till he gets his special shoes as we don't want to make his feet worse, good job he's happy shufflin round on his bum and doesn't complain. She's also goin to the get the speech and language (who went awol in october) to come back out.
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