Sunday, 20 March 2011

Some recent pics

Just thought i'd share some recent piccies of Lewis :) the last 1 is of 4 special CDH 'babies' together at a meet i organised in February, it was a great day, so good to see all these amazing warriors together and hear their stories and i found it amazing just how very different each story was, but same amazing ending :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

FINALLY back online with proper net :)

So a month and a half after moving our internet has finally been transferred, Never again will i try and transfer with Sky, it has been a total nightmare!

Lewis is just coming on so much since physio were involved with him, his left side is loosening up nicely, enough for him to finally get onto his own knees, physio said his left side was so tight it was stopping the full range of movement he needed to be able to bring his his legs round to do things like get onto his knees and get onto his feet, so it's nice to start seeing the results of the physio and stretches we've had to do with him at home. He has actually got onto his own feet a couple of days ago, but was a real effort getting his leg round to do so, but he done it once so YAY for physio.

He was fitted for his special boots, and we go pick them up at the end of the month, these will help give his feet the stability they need to be able to walk, will also help keep his feet straight and not turned in.

All i can say is YAY for physio and YAY for Lewis kicking CDH nad CDH related problems butts.

He's such a wee character, he is just so funny and such a good wee boy, we're so lucky, he's deffo been worth our very long wait to have a wee 1 here with us.

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