Thursday, 14 October 2010

Spongebob's Biggest Fan

Lewis LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES spongebob squarepants :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

pics to go with below post

Here's the update, good and bad

so a lot has happened in the last month, mainly for me but about that later....
well on the last update i mentioned the mucousy choking and said no reflux with it so not too concerned, well i should have known the mucousy stuff was to do with his reflux, cos yup he's been refluxing, not after every feed but at 1 sometimes 2 out of his 3 daily boluses, we thought it was to do with that he was getting too much milk at his feeds, so i had to consult with the dietician about changing his feeding regime, not much we can do with it because there's a certain amount of calories we HAVE to give him and he's not good at all with large volumes, so he's now on the pump for 10 hours at night, subject to change as he's still having refluxes, guess it's the wrap coming a bit loose who knows, only a month to wait for his checkups at hospital, but will be mentioning it to his doctor when we take him in, he's got what we think is a touch of eczema and still has the runs, now tho they're back to how the were just after his fundo and smell so vile.

He's also teething like mad at the minute but so far only 1 more tooth has popped the surface so that's him now got 5 teeth, 1 of his top teeth is looking like it's gettin ground down the corner with him grinding his teeth but i have no idea how to stop that.

He's still not eating a thing either, i came across a forum for tube fed babies and they all seem to swear by this 'Graz method' it's a feeding clinic in Austria, but VERY expensive :( but with a high success of weaning these tube fed babies off their tubes in a few weeks, i am liking the sound of it but will have to do my research 1st, the cheapest option is to do the method via email, apparently it's just as successful, so if any this will be the option we choose, but will have to see about raising the funds, but obviously i will research it A LOT 1st.

So that's about it to be honest nothing much has been happening with Lewis, he's coming on so much and doing everything he should be except eating lol and growing a LOT, it's now 1 month till his birthday, i just can't believe it at all, this time last year sitting absolutely terrified that time was getting closer and not knowing what lay ahead and no just look at him, he's amazing he really really is, my wee rock this past couple weeks, which leads me to the bad news,

i'm not going into too much detail as it's Lewis's blog etc but it's what they call 'pregnancy of unknown location' static bloods say it's there but it's not surviving and it's not letting go either, and they can't locate it on scans, it's not been causing problems but needs to be removed :( had an injection of methextrate on monday which breaks down cells, so just waiting on things to happen now and hopefully it'll all be over soon and i won't need a 2nd injection, so i had been told last week baby would already have passed, but then told on monday that as the bloods are static it's still there, so i guess when the levels start falling we'll know it's really gone, so that's 3 wee angels for us now :(

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Will Update Later

Have decided to reopen the blog to the public, i was looking through the feed thing and discovered people used to come across my blog by googling for various CDH things and google would direct them to certain posts of mine relating to what they were looking for, so i'm glad my blog 'helps' people.

i know we're well overdue an update but lots of things been going on here lately so i promise i'll update later today and add some recent pics of our gorgeous Sunshine Warrior.

Hayley xx

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