Thursday, 1 September 2011

Still tasting, advancing with lumps?

Just been sat for the last half an hour with Lewis and a packet of haribo Jelly sweets, I've been holding a sweet to him and he's stood there biting On it, he's never 'bitten' into anything food wise so this is fab n he's kept doing it cos they're just jelly n bits aren't breaking off into his mouth, so I thought I'd step it up a little n held a Kelly baby for him to bite into, bits break off these easier n he was fine with biting a bit off n then spitting it out so we kept practicing the biting a bit off into his mouth then him spitting it out straight away, at least there was a wee bit going loose in his mouth for a second....after a while he didn't spit the bit out straight away, he kept it at the front of his mouth and kept the control of it for a couple of seconds before spitting it, but then he kept picking it back up and putting it back in, keeping it at the front and keeping in control, no gagging or anything.....what a huge step, learning control :) so proud of him xx he's still interested in food n willing to lick and have a teeny weeny taste of mOst things, but the amounts he'll take are soooooo small there's barely anything there, that's why thd jelly baby head thing is such a big deal, it's the biggest bit of something he's ever had in his mouth and HE kept control :) keep it up my beautiful boy, mummy loves you soooo much xx

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