Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Save The Cherubs

CDH affects a
baby every 10 minutes. Over 600,000 babies since 2000 - killing
300,000. Please help us raise awareness and save the cherubs! http://www.savethecherubs.org

Thursday, 11 March 2010

feeds and general update

i've became quite crap at updating the blog, but i'm sure you'll know how hectic life is having a baby around, i'm not complaining it's just the best thing ever, Leiws is just a wee doll, a dream come true :) 
we've changed his feeds to 3 hourly due to the fact that the dietician wanted his amounts upped in line wih his weight, the amount he was getting already was pushing his reflux over the edge, he was losing so much of his feeds all the time, so i knew no way he could tolerate getting even more all at 1 time, so i decided it had to be 3 hourly if he was to get the amounts upped and so far so good, he is actually getting slightly more than the dietician wanted him to have and although he still has a vomit after every feed during the day, it is'nt very much at all, the best bit though is that he keeps down 3 whole night feeds and only has a small mouthful after the 4th night feed, but last night he kept down all 4 yay go Lewis, we have been on the 3 hourly feeds for just over a week now, which leads me to his weight :s

a week ago he was in to get his 3 month jags with the health visitor n she weighed him for me while we were there, he weighed in at 12lb 6oz,
yesterday he was weighed again, he weighed 12lb 7oz,
so in a week he has put on 1oz :s not what i wanted to hear considering he's getting more of his high calorie milk in a day and actually keeping what i'd say 'most' of it down, so she measured his length and decided that he's had a spurt in height and this is where it's all went into his height spurt rather than his weight, i hope so and i really hope for a better weight gain when we go back in a fortnight, though i might just actually pop in next week and see.

So he's now gone from the 2nd percentile on his height to the 9th, and still on the 2nd percentile for his weight, health visitor is really happy with him though but i still worry, i guess it's only natural, she says the chart shows he's not just plodding along on the same percentile, he's actually climbing it, which shows he's doing well, just hope he catches up to the 9th percentile for his weight soon.

We've been testing out his taste buds for a few days now with some baby foods, i was worried that the fact he won't have anything to do with sucking a bottle would mean he probably wouldn't want anything to do with a spoon, but he lets it in his mouth and actually opens up for more, he only takes a tiny drop on the spoon at a time and only has a few of these before he gets bored, but it's a start and i'm just happy he's happy to experiment, so far he's had baby rice, i think it's too tasteless for him though, he quite likes banana porridge and fruit porridge and also likes cauliflower brocolli cheese, and just before he had some strawberry cheesecake, i think it might have been a bit too 'tart' for him, he prefers chocolate pudding :)

oh and he had his 2nd RSV jag on the 23rd february, due for the 3rd on the 23rd march though they say phone first because he may not not need it, not sure how they'll know over the phone whether he needs it or not :s

He also had a hearing test last week, the women came out to the house to do it, i think he was liking all the noises coming through the earphone things at him, he was all excited n everything, that meant she couldn't get an accurate test bacause he was so active flapping around, from what she did get though she thinks he may have some fluid behind his ears, we've been referred to somewhere else to get him retested when he's between 8 and 10 months old and they'll do different tests, where we'll actually be able to see him responding to noises etc rather than just put earphone things on him and let the sensors do the test.

here's some recent pics of my wee cutie

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