Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sitting from Lying (17.04.2011)

his trick of today (seem to have new tricks everyday lately) :)


1st pic is when he 1st pulled himself up to sitting and then standing in the cot, look how chuffed he is lol

2nd is when he 1st pulled himself up on the radiator to look out the window

3rd earlier today, Lewis is definitely trying to crawl :)

4th he pulled himself up on the hall radiator

and the other 2 are just some cute extras :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Slow Down Lewis :)

i am absolutely AMAZED at the huge difference these boots have made in such a short space of time, in the space of just a week, Lewis has been 'cruising' around the playpen and pulling himself up on it, giving him the confidence to pull himself up on anything and everything, his favourite is to pull himself up on the radiator in the living room and stand looking out the window, watching the kids outside playing, he is itching so bad to get out there with them :)
when he has the boots on they are helping his balance so much, you can see the difference when he has them off and can actually see how weak and soft his feet are, he's practicing at trying to let go of the play pen when he's standing up holding onto it, and i caught him today working out if he should take the 2 steps towards the tv even though he had nothing to hold onto, i knew he'd fall straight into the tv unit so had to discourage him trying that, he's just not quite THAT balanced yet, but 1 thing is for sure, he won't be long till i turn round and he's toddling behind me not holding onto anything.
so yeh what a week, i just get so excited for him, people may think it's mad as like 1 friend pointed out that 'normal' parents would be syaing oh so whats the big deal, my baby could do that at way younger than Lewis, but so what, Lewis is unique, he is STILL kicking CDH butt at 17 months old, such a long everyday battle but 1 he is determined to beat :)
oh the newest thing is now he can sit up from lying down if he has something to pull himself up on, like the cot bars, yay his tummy muscles are getting stronger :) funny when i put him to bed lying down, next thing i peek in he's sitting up, or even standing up! in his cot lol and i THINK he's actually trying to crawl, he's doing what he should have been doing like a year ago, he will now go onto his tummy and push up his hands and he wriggles his legs, which i think is down to his tummy muscles getting stronger and being able to cope with his weight on it a little more, he'll only do this for a couple of minutes but hey he has always absolutely hated being on his tummy, so yet another HUGE thing for him.

As for the eating...he likes to 'feed' me, he was giving me imaginary food the other day lol so when i gave him so real food, yep he was feeding me...and you could see he had his thinking cap on, thinking about every movement he made from pickin off a bit of the cheese to putting it in my mouth, so he deffo knows what to do with it, so we played a game, bit for mummy, bit for Lewis, excpet he NEVER goes past just 'pretending' he's eating it, he'll quickly touch his lips with it, then pulls it away and you can see him 'chewing' but still it's something and it shows he know exactly what to do, we don;t push him to eat anymore, we go with the thinking that maybe once he's a wee bit older and can understand a wee bit about food etc, plus the more you try to push him the more he 'runs' away from it, so i guess it's true what they say, he'll do it when HE wants and learns how to not when we want him to, the main thing is he is happy and loved and doesn't want for anything and that's the main thing for us :)
I will post some pics tomorrow of Lewis being a show off :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

New Boots and a scary announcement

Well we picked up Lewis's special boots from the physio on Wednesday, they are so tiny and cute, also so very stiff, but that's the idea, specially ordered in through physio as they're much stiffer than any you could buy in the shops.

We're still weaning him into them and today was his '3 hours' in them, increasing an hour everyday. He's doing well in them and we can see a difference when he's stood up now his feet are properly supported.

Haven't really mentioned anything about his reflux for a while as we've been trying to figure out what's going on...he had the fundoplication in July 2010, which made a big difference and stopped the reflux completely for 2 months, then he started getting past it every couple of days, then it was couple of times a day and when he had his last consultant appointment in December all his reflux meds were stopped, then it started......he hasn't had a full nights sleep from about a week since the meds were stopped, we put it down to teething and he has had 4 big teeth pop through in the past month, but no sign of anymore for now, but still restless and crying on and off all night, he's still bringing up really really sticky bubble mucous at least 3 times a day, choking on it because it's so sticky and bubbly, then panicking trying to fight it and it ends up going down the wrong way, it's just aawful and can get really scary :(, his nappies are absolutely vile, as is his breath, sometimes he brings up his feed within a minute or 2 of getting it, sometimes he brings up the water we give him through his tube, so we're suspecting reflux again but more of a silent type as opposed to how it was before his fundo when it was milk fountains every single feed, he never seemed in any pain from it then, but now he does and he cries everytime he sees a syringe :( after he's been fed he just lies there like he's so full and looks like he's feeling really sick and uncomfortable but he only gets 30mils at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm as that's all he'll tolerate, he's on the feeding pump from 9pm till 9am, we're at 41 mils an hour as that's his toleration when relaxed and asleep, so he doesn't get very much 30 mils is nothing really and every 3 hours, it's like he's still on newborn feeds.

ok so the announcement......Lewis is going to be a big brother...again but better news so far this time, we're just 13 weeks and will have our anomaly slightly earlier in about 4 weeks time, absolutely terrified for that wondering what the problem will be this time, our 5th pregnancy and so far only have 1 survivor, Lewis xx but trying to just enjoy the next 4 weeks knowing that at this precise moment we don't know if anything's wrong, plus i picked up a beautiful wee heartbeat on the doppler 2 nights ago, so we have bonding on the agenda for the next 4 weeks :) have had a few scans so far and my plan of care is excellent and i'm under the best of doctors who listen to me and do all they can to 'help' xx


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