Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wee update

Just wanted to announce the birth of our beautiful baby, Lewis is the proud big brother to Kaylah Ashleigh Rose, born on 29th September, she's 3 weeks old now (that has gone soooo quick) and is absolutely beautiful n so happy and content, Lewis is much fussed for her but she gets cuddles and kisses :)

As for Lewis, well he's doing good, terrible two's have hit :s he is such a rough, boisterous child lol, he loves cars in any shape or form and has quite the collection going on :) I can't believe he'll be TWO years old in just 3 weeks time, that has gone sooooo fast as well and like last year the approach to his birthday brings a whole range of emotions and thoughts, such as 'what if' and it's just soooo not worth even thinking about that but still it's there! But he is here and larger than life and doing fab :) and he's as stubborn and defiant now as he was then, but I love his stubborn, defiant streak as I believe that's partly the reason he made it :) our sunshine warrior :)

His speech is coming on a fair bit lately, he is a tad behind but they say it's because he doesn't eat and hasn't all this time so he hasn't been using the facial muscles while eating that babies later need for their speech, but he's getting there, still loving nursery :) and has a wee 'thing' about his wellies lol I guess it's an unwritten law when it comes to wellies, kids just HAVE to wear them all the time and they become the favourite choice of footwear lol
Speaking of eating, Lewis is going great in that department, still not taking anything enough to count as calories but he will taste moste things and is getting a bit brave and letting solid things such as a wee bit of crisp go right in his mouth without him holding it, though it does come straight back out!, his dietician wants us to introduce a '3 mealtimes a day' but we've tried that before, he gets his food 'playtimes' bug if we want him to actually taste things we find he does great if we don't give him a plate of his own (he won't touch that) but we let him come freely to our plates and we'll feed him teeny bits, he comes back and forth regularly until its finished, just have to give him teeny bits else his tongue will automatically eject whatever is in there lol xx so proud of him :)
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