Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Swallow and empty study

Lewis had both these done on the 11th, was a quick visit to xray for them and as he was so well behaved they didn't take long at all. Ricky had to take him into thd xray room while u sat in the waiting room (couldn't go in cos of bumpyroo)I sent him in with questions to ask about etc and to watch the screen and see what was happening to the barium, bug typical man, came out and didn't have a clue, didn't ask anything either SJ we have not a tiny clue how it went and will have to wait till we get an appointment through to go and chat about it, who knows when that will be. We're also still waiting for the appointment through for Lewis to go get the camera down his throat and to have his Gtube changed!

Now he's so great on his feet he has started concentrating more on his speech and has a massive range of proper words now, so all round hex catching up in everything brilliantly :) he's such a character and I know I keep saying that but he is, he's just a lovely, lively, smiley, giggly wee boy.

Not sure if I mentioned before about his getting a referral to nursery from speech and language? She told us it was like 6 month waiting list and this particular nursery was so hard to get Into, hence needing referrals to get unto. Well I think they must have jumped the queue for Lewis cos after about 2 weeks from the referral going in we had a letter offering him 3 sessions a week, I don't think I'm ready to let him go yet but I know he'll love it and the main hopes with him going are that he may be more encouraged to eat when he sees other kids doing it regular. He has his induction On the 26thAnd he'll go Monday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's, 9am till 11.30am, it means we have a massive hassle of changing his whole feeding schEdule as I feed him at 11am and 4pm cos he sleeps after his feeds if we feed him after 4 he's late to his bed at night which means the pump is late going on and with him needing to get earlier starts for nursery he would end up falling short on his feed/calories, maybe nursery could be a bit flexible on his session times, I'll ask when we're in for induction.

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