Sunday, 17 January 2010

Colds :(

ugh so less than a week back home and me and Lewis have been hit with the cold, i don't get ill with things very often but when i do they hit me sooooo hard, really hoping Lewis hasn't been hit as bad as me with it cos i feel absolutely dreadful with it, his grumpiness suggests otherwise though, worry sooo much cos it's not like him to be grumpy or anything, he's always been so happy and content, anyway got some calpol n was reading the leaflet before i gave him any and apparently if he's on domperidone (which he is) then he can't have calpol without talking to doctor or pharmacist first, not what i wanted to read being it's sunday :s

hope some1 reads this today but any suggestions as to what he CAN have to help with his cold symptoms just to help him feeld that wee bit better, that agrees with meds he's on?

Apart from this he's been doing well, seems to have settled in nicely though me and Ricky still trying to work out a routine lol, he's been vomiting quite a bit and i have come to wonder if his milk formula has been upsetting his tummy as well, in hospital they used the ready made version of it and at home i was using the powder version, not sure whether it could be the carobel or gavison not mixing properly in it or something but it should'nt look curdled, and when i pull back on his NG tube it looks curdled there as well so it's sitting in his tummy like that, anyway decided that although it'l cost double, to buy the ready made version in the cartons, it mixes better with the carobel n gaviscon so will give it a few days and see if helps the vomiting a bit and runny poo.

Now onto the NG tube lol i'm learning slowly about it getting caught in everything, for example yesterday i lifted him out his bouncy chair thing only for the end of the tube to get caught in the side and pulled clean out oops, felt so bad cos i know he hates getting a new tube passed therefore screaming for the next 45 minutes, anyway i'l get there, just have to try and remember it's there lol

Nothing much else happening at the minute, he has an appointment back in the hospital on monday just a wee checkup and then has the diaphragm clinic in february, oh also the health visitor is going to arrange for us to have an open acces to our local hospital which is excellent and puts my mind at ease a bit knowing if i get worried about absolutely anything at all just to take him on in n he'll get seen straight away, not having to wait days on doctors appointments etc.
and on wednesday past he weighed in at 10lb 3oz

Oh and also would love some tips on medicines and the mixed oral and NG feeding thing for when i'm out, don't fancy takin like 6 bottles of meds out with me and then have to draw them up when i'm out etc etc is there another way? lol

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


well for the lack of updates it's been a hectic time specially last few days, nurses started mentioning home n said that 1st we'd have to learn to pass the NG tube 3 times each n i'd have to do rooming in for couple nights with lewis but basically that was the only thing stopping him going home, so saturday n sunday nights i stayed over with lewis, 1st night he slept from 9pm till 8am n next night 9pm till 7am. and we decided to leave his hands free hoping he'd pull out his tube a few times, a shame i know but small price to pay to get him home.

yesterday his consultant said he could go, tomorrow, so mad dash home for me to get things ready as we've been livin away for 9 weeks.

anyway to cut a long story very short SUNSHINE IS HOME on his 60th day :)

just a quick update as things bit hectic. gettin used to medicines n stuff blah blah he's home and i'm just over the moon
pics later xx

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