Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Inspired by my Sunshine Warrior :)

Ok so today i done something TOTALLY out of character.....i registered for the women's 10k in May eeeeeekkkkkkkk what was i thinkin lol, but hey i can do this, i'm raising money in honour of the sunshine in my life, my beautiful brave wee boy, so i'm doing this for him.
Wish me luck :) here's the link if any1 wants to donate, all money goes to CHERUBS UK

Lewis is doing FAB, he's almost pulling himself up now, the physiotherapist is FINALLY coming out on monday, just to do with his foot and his hips are slightly splayed, can't believe they've not came out till now, he's 14 months old, should have been seeing these people since he came home from NICU, his weight gain is also still climbing nicely and brave wee soldier has 2 back teeth popped through and has never even so much as grumbled, think he takes after his mummy with his high pain threshold lol.

We're moving house YAY (on friday lol) much nicer house (it's brand spanking new yay) and a much much much nicer street, can't wait :)

Friday, 7 January 2011

New Year, new improved weight gain?

Happy New Year!! i know it's a week in and so i'm a week late but been so busy xx
took Lewis for his 12 and 13 month injections this morning, but turns out he got another 1 too so that's him all jagged till he's 3 and a bit, he handled it like a man, unlike mummy! his daddy normally takes him but because of work i had to take him.
He also got weighed while he was there, since he was discharged from NICU he has followed the exact same line on his chart, that was after dropping low on it because of the feeding problems etc, well the past couple months he's been climbing up slowly, and today he's climbed again, he has gained an enormous (for him) 1lb 1oz in just 2 weeks, with the reflux and everything before he was lucky to gain that in a month! and he is now on the 50th percentile, i haven't seen that percentile since he was born, before it all started going downhill! so proud of him, as any CDH'ers will know this is HUGE for him, he is a little fatty as his height is a bit short (just like mummy and daddy) lol

Nothing much else to update on really, just had to share his brilliant miraculous weight gain lol oh also meant to mention that our chromosome reults came back saying we both have 'normal' chromos *sigh* obviously didn't want it be something, but didn't want it to be nothing either, no reason for having 4 pregnancies in a row ALL with problems, with 3 tiny lives lost and 1 little miracle who made it through his problems but robbed of his health, where's the fairness?

****i'm organising a CDH meet up in scotland (stirling) on the 12th february if any1 can make it, email me ****

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