Friday, 28 August 2009

4D Scan Was Amazing

We went for the 4d scan yesterday omg sooooo amazing, got some beautiful pictures in both colour and black and white and also an enlargement of 1 in a  mount, a cd with all the stills on and a 14.28 minute dvd, he wasn't for playing though, he just wanted to sleep, got a nice shot on the dvd of him yawning sooooo cute, the women had to try and keep jiggling him as he had his hand over his face all the time, he moved but to turn his back on us lol, then decided to hide into the placenta and just have a wee peek out from there, we seen a cute variety of facial expressions, scrunching up his face, grinning, smiling etc, and he looks sooo much like daddy, no surprise there though he has his nose and lips lol, he also looks a lot like Nathan which is to be expected i guess just bittersweet.
oh and the wee fatty is weighing nearly 2 weeks ahead, weighing in at 3lb, his heads measuring ahead as well, only things measuring a week behind are his abdominal measurements which is to be expected with the CDH, and his thighs, no surprise there either though as we're both small, nothing wrong with the size of his HUGE feet though :)

Have a midwife appointment this afternoon to get my anti-d injection, oh goody i love needles, not. probably get a listen into his heartbeat as well, though i can listen to that anytime i like at home, a sound i never tire of hearing :) 

 i'm currently trying to figure out how to get the video off the dvd and onto here, so if any1 can help please email me lol.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

28 weeks today

where's the time gone, can't believe Sunshine will be here in 11 weeks at the latest, hopefully all ready to begin his 'real' CDH journey, he's sure got a fighting spirit in there let's hope he keeps it up and it serves him well. I'm sure he's still breech and he's kickin big feet into the bottom of my back so have been suffering quite a bit with that, but he's soooooooo worth it.

only 2 days to go till the 4d scan i can't wait to see him like for real and whichever way this journey ends it'll be a wonderful thing to have, just wish we got the same with Nathan.

Something that kind of annoys me a bit is the way most people don't realise how serious this all is, find myself wanting to scream, don't you know this baby could die too, it's like they think right ok he's poorly, but he'll have an operation when he's born and he'll be fine, i soooo wish it was as easy as that, but at the same time thinking that way has what's got us through the last 11 weeks of knowing he has CDH, refusing to think about all the complications etc, telling ourselves so many times exactly as above, that ok he's poorly but he just needs an operation when he's born and he'll be fine and we WILL bring him home, but then we get closer to another appointment and scan and reality comes crashing back in that it's serious and he could die. 
it's a vicious cycle.

On another note, his cot and mattress are on their way, courtesy of his nana, spoiling him already lol, so yesterday i went and bought him a lovely mobile to go on it, hope he likes it it's got 20 melodies, 20 lullabies, some sung songs and some nature tunes, i'm yet to get it out the box, just to make sure it works properly you understand lol.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Update From Todays Scan

Have been back a few hours now but was sooooo tired and had to have a sleep lol,

well today was a bit positive i guess though my head is still a bit spinning, good news is Sunshines LHR is between 1.3 and 1.5 which put him in the 'good' end for now, i do know this could change though, hopefully for the better, fingers crossed. However there was no visible left lung tissue, i was prepared for a very hypoplastic left lung but not for none, so not sure how i feel about this at the minute, just have to hope so much there is even a tiny bit of lung tissue hiding in there to which a left lung can grow from later after he's born etc, if not then we need to prepare for him having only 1 lung for the rest of his life, just hope so much the right lung will be strong enough and do well enough to get him through.

From the MRI, it's still bowel and stomach in his chest AND the liver is..... DOWN, yay fingers crossed again that it stays down, i meant to ask about the size of the hole as well but forgot duh.

So that's about it, we only got a wee glance at his face during the scan and no picture so was really disappointed BUT another lady who was chatting with us said she would get us one, wasn't thinking i'd get another scan just to get pics though but was soooo pleased, she spent time showing us every bit of him and we got 3 pictures and we were watching him have the hiccups which was funny. Oh and just to note he DID flash as usual lol.
Also discovered the reason (i think) why i struggle for breath a lot, he's breech with his head up near my chest and seen him pushing his pushing his feet out and pushing himself up and down, wee monkey maybe why i feel like i'm being crushed when i lie on my back as well, if his heavy end is so near my chest.

He's doing well in there poor wee thing, and he's doing what he's meant to be doing with the amniotic fluid as it's still normal, clever boy because mummy doesn't want to have too much as it's not good for his lungs either.
Apparently they usually induce at 39 weeks, was hoping to go in at 38 as 39 is a bit close incase it starts naturally before then, so scared i won't make it to the hospital in a hurry, will see how things go nearer the time.

Think they forgot about touring us round intensive care, so didn't mention it as after all that i really just wanted to go home, didn't feel as ready for it as i thought i did, but plenty time i guess.

we have a detailed scan today

just thought i would post a wee bit about it before we go and then post about what happens when we get back,
off to glasgow today for a detailed scan, obviously will be checking Sunshine over and measuring him etc all the usuals of a detailed scan, but they'l be looking at his lungs as well today i'd say as they haven't been able to measure them yet, that's if the wee monkey keeps still long enough.

i was kind of within 2 minds as to whether to say to them please don't tell me the measurements, as i know the lower it is the worse it is, as i really don't want to know if it's bad, but at the same time i feel as though i NEED to know. Think we may get the results from the MRI scan today as well.

we should be getting a 'tour' of the intensive care today and to see the machines and things, that's if they haven't forgotten, dreading it but suppose it has to be done eh.
Can't wait to see our beautiful boy again, though dreading bad news.

better off for a bath and get ready,will update when we get back.

Friday, 7 August 2009

4d Scan is BOOKED yay

we decided to go ahead with a 4d scan, as it will be something of Sunshine we will always have, specially as we don't know how this will all turn out, booked an expensive package £199 but get lots included in it and will be well worth it, paid the deposit just have to pay the rest when we go on the.....27th August at 18.20, i can't wait :)

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