Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Having always thought i would give the blog until Lewis turned 2 and then turn it private, i have decided just to leave it open, no idea if any1 still reads it or not, but i do know from the visitor thing that people are coming across it by googling CDH related things which are obvious to the fact they are pregnant with a CDH baby and the thing is showing they're reading posts i've written regarding the things they're googling, so i 'hope' that the blog is helping some people out there and i'd to shut off 1 of just a few places people can get get what they are looking for, i only wish there were more answers to questions i was looking forward to while pregnant with Lewis.  However i am yet to decide whether to just leave this 1 as it is and not write in it again, perhaps starting a new private 1, like i have for Kaylah, or just keep writing in here to keep his life journey in 1 place, but at the same time trying to decide if he will actually appreciate his journey 'out there' i'm sure when he knows it's helped people he won't mind, but still, it's his life, not mine! decisions, maybe just for now i'll leave it, i know either way i need something for me and i've had this blog for so long now, started writing it when we got his diagnosis at 17+ weeks pregnant!
I think for now i'll leave it and have a good think and decide after christmas :) that wasn't entirely my plan to write about that in this update, i was going to just say about how busy life is now with a toddler and a new baby, just barely get the time to update these, so was planning to update both Lewis's and Kaylah's blogs once a month, even if it's just some pics!

Anyway enough waffling, none of that probably doesn't make any sense lol
Lewis had his 2year check with the health visitor today, absolutely no concerns with him, so much for being told he'd always be a bit behind developmentally, well he's not, he's brighter :), so much for not being able to run around with the other kids, he can :) and i bet he'll say so much for not playing for scotland too :) Health visitor said he passed with flying colours and she also said she's never had 1 do everything she asked so quickly :) he makes me 1 heck of a proud mummy every single day, he's also had a HUGE growth spurt in the past 2 months, he's so tall now and can reach our door handles n open the doors eek, he counts very well, mostly coming downstairs lol, he's also now walking up the stairs instead of crawling up them, another eeek lol, his eating? omg he is doing just fab, he joins in our meal time every time now, he'll ask for food now, he'll ask for juice as well, though we struggle with knowing what to give him because he doesnt get the chew thing and so he chokes on things as he tries to swallow! we have a wee net feeder thing and he quite likes that for now, so it's a bit safer for him to eat from!
we have our christmas tree up now and he just loves the trees, so much so we had to put a wee 1 in his room! he stole away with a wee light up 1 we got for his brothers grave but had to pinch that back to take to Nathan today and we can't find another 1 so he's just got a plain tree till we got some wee lights for him, he lay in his bed for over 2 hours the other night just saying oooohhhh tree lol, so cute.

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Liz and Shane said...

WOW! Look at how big Lewis is. It's been a while since I have checked in. Having B/G twins and a 3 year old keep me busy and off the internet. I am so glad to see Lewis doing so well. It's great to see when our CDH babies are eating and thriving. They are our miracles and are truly amazing.
Merry Christmas!


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