Wednesday, 9 November 2011

2 years :)

This time 2 years ago i was spending the last night at home with our baby safely tucked up in my belly, for we didn't know which path our journey would take us, 2 years ago tomorrow we checked into hospital ready to begin induction, 2 days later  after showing no signs of wanting to come out of there i had my waters broken and hooked up to the drip to bring on contractions, 2 hours after that begin and after him getting into distress and his heartrate dropping i was rushed to theatre for an emergency section, then they whisked him away, 5 and a half hours passed before they would let us into the adjoining sick kids to see him, while they hooked him up to his life support. convinced he wouldnt make it past xmas, xmas came and went and he fought on and after the longest 2 months ever we brought home our wee miracle ray of sunshine Lewis. The past 2 years has gone so fast but i am so lucky to have him, he is just the best wee boy ever, nothing gets in his way, he's a typical proper wee boy, into cars and trucks and all things boyish, loves a bit of rough and tumble, much to my horror, he's into toy story at the moment and anything to do with cars and animals especially cats and puppies! he has self taught some makaton signing and coming on a treat with his speech. Still 100% tube fed and loving nursery, he has made big improvements since starting nursery with the sensory issues he has with food, not gagging and retracting so quickly from it, but willing to touch and lick most things now.
We had his nursery review on monday and they are so pleased with his progress, said he's such a lovely wee boy, and couldnt believe just how clever he is, not sure where he gets his brains from but he seems to have a real lot of them :)
Finally got his appointment for hospital too, he was supposed to go in and get a wee op to loosen his fundo off as its too tight, consultant wanted him in within 6 weeks, but that 6 weeks ran out 6 weeks ago!! the appointment is just because his consultant wants to see him at the clinic and discuss the wee op etc just want to get it over for him now and we just worry that then it'll end up too loose and the reflux will start again :(
He's still not much fussed for Kaylah but we know he loves her really :)
We're taking him to the sealife centre for his birthday on saturday as he also likes fish and things, we have our own in a big tank at home and he loves them.
so proud of the toddler he has become, even if his terrible two's are quite terrible at times but i wouldn't have him any other way, he's here and he's happy and if he's happy then i'm happy :)

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